Cast Iron Tub vs. Acrylic Tub Review

In today’s world everything is available in multiple sizes, colors, shapes and materials, even bathtubs. In the clawfoot variety, we see cast irontubs and acrylic tubs. Logging onto the internet you will find DIY diaries of purchases and installation as well professional opinions and recommendations as to which tub is best for any home.

As someone who has had a cast iron clawfoot tub and an acrylic tub, I want to weigh in on the conversation.

My first memory of a cast iron tub is as a child at my grandmother’s house. The tub seemed so big because it was deep and wide and was more like a piece of fine furniture in the bathroom than a tub inserted into the wall. Bathing at grandmother’s was fun because she filled the tub with water and there was plenty of play time and splashing about. The rolled rim on the tub made the tub wide enough to sit on while toweling off.

In my own home, fiberglass tubs were king. Every house I rented and the first home I purchased had the standard fiberglass tub that is shallow, narrow and boxy-looking. Bathrooms at my house were ordinary rooms without character.

When I had the opportunity to upgrade my tub, I immediately chose a cast iron rolled rim clawfoot tub. A clawfoot tub had been discarded and was hauled off into someones barn as an old tub and was going to be used as a water trough. No way! Once I saw the tub I had to have it. We hauled it home, cleaned it up and painted the exterior and feet and, regardless of its age, the tub was in pristine condition.

Moving the tub was no easy chore. It was extremely heavy and took a few good men to move it, but the installation was easy and the tub added so much character to the powder room and it was easy to use it as the focal piece in the room. Something fine and lovely that was ambiance itself. Everything else was just accessorizing the tub.

Today, incredibly beautiful vintage tubs can be found in an acrylic that is as durable and fine as the cast iron. The acrylic is lighter weight, but there is no flex in the tub and it will endure use for many years. The newer acrylic tubs can be painted on the exterior and the feet often comes in many colors or finishes. Acrylic tubs are shipped from their manufacturer without faucet holes so the owner can choose to use a faucet coming from the bathroom wall, a free standing faucet or they can request holes to be drilled so faucets can be installed on or in the tub. The acrylic clawfoot tub is an updated solution to the scarcity of the cast iron tub.

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