Bathtub Reviews is all about reviewing classic bathtubs. Each of these tubs have their own unique style and can add an elegant touch to your home. As you browse the many tub reviews, we hope that you are able to find the one that best fits your needs!

Copper Bathtubs Review

There is nothing that will ever compare to the timeless beauty, impressive craftsmanship and unique qualities of the Caballero Vintage 67” x 32” x 32”Copper Slipper Tub, plus it offers absolute luxury and utmost sophistication right in your bathroom haven. The Caballero is skillfully hand hammered, molded and shaped to create a stunningly beautiful Copper Bathtub. It has also been extensively and carefully fired so that its copper surface will have a stunningly beautiful antique look. This Vintage Copper Tub has a dimension of 67” x 32” x 32” and a 2” End Drain, plus it has a gorgeous Dark Brown Patina Finish that you will surely love. The Caballero is made with the finest copper today and guarantees exquisite beauty and great luxury. Another great feature of the Vintage Copper Bathtub is that you don’t have to worry on scrubbing it or applying any disinfectant because it has a natural antibacterial surface that makes it a lot easier to clean. There is no need to use steel wool or wire brushes to clean the Copper Bathtub because it may scrub off the patina finish. All you need is a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean it or just simply rinse it with water after every use. You will love the Caballero Vintage Copper Tub even more because of its very affordable price! The Caballero is truly a great deal with its exquisite beauty, superior quality and utmost affordability.

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Contemporary Bathroom Wood & Porcelain Sink Vanity Set 36″ CF-8956

Contemporary Bathroom Wood & Porcelain Sink Vanity Set 36" CF-8956You may have discovered that reinventing your bathroom can be a very difficult task especially if you want a bathroom vanity set with exceedingly great features. No worries, because the Contemporary Bathroom 36 inch Wood and Porcelain Sink Vanity Set offers you superior quality product, impressive style and design, efficient functionality and utmost affordability! The Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set is made with top quality modern materials that will surely guarantee great strength and durability for decades of long use. You will surely love its stunning style that gives an air of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom haven, plus it is also designed to enable efficient functionality and accessibility. Its great features also come with a price that you can surely afford!

This Vanity Set is reasonably priced so you won’t have to worry on spending large amount of money for a wonderful product. It comes complete with Solid Wood Vanity, Porcelain Basin Sink and Counter top, Faucet, Supply Lines and Drain! Its Solid Wood Vanity has a dimension of 35 ½” length x 33 ½” height x 22” depth with a cabinet that has two Door to Open Storage Space and one Drawer, plus a Polished Chrome Cabinet Pulls! It also has a very gorgeous White Porcelain Basin Sink that will surely enhance the elegance of your bathroom. You will also have its plumbing package of an 8” Polished Chrome Wide Spread Dual Control Faucet, Polished Chrome Drain Assembly with P Trap and a Set of Flexible Supply Lines!

Purchase your very own Contemporary Bathroom Wood and Porcelain Sink Vanity Set and experience great elegance and sophistication while having fun papering yourself. Call The Tub Connection at 877-795-5684 and order your Bathroom Vanity Set with Free Shipping Cost and Full Manufacturer’s Warranty! Have all these great deals and buy yours today!

Contemporary Bathroom Wood & Glass Sink Vanity Set 32″ XD-039

Contemporary Bathroom Wood & Glass Sink Vanity Set 32" XD-039The Contemporary Bathroom 32 inch Wood and Glass Sink Vanity Set is the ideal choice for homeowners who desire to have high quality product with exquisite modern style and utmost affordability.

Our 32 inch Vanity Set is made with top quality modern materials that guarantee great strength and durability. Its exquisite contemporary style will definitely compliment your modern design bathroom theme and will absolutely enhance the elegance and luxury of your bathroom environment.

This ultra modern set also has great functionality with its structure that is made for efficiency and accessibility. You will surely love this Vanity Set even more with its amazingly affordable price! It has an impressively low price so won’t have to worry on spending large amount of money for a superior quality Bathroom Vanity Set.

Included in the set is a complete with Wooden Vanity, Tempered Glass Counter top, Tempered Glass Basin Sink, Faucet, Supply Lines, Drain and a very exquisite Vanity Mirror! The Wooden Vanity has a dimension of 27 ¾” length x 41 ½” height x 20 ½” depth and also comes with a cabinet that has a slotted shelf. Its gorgeous sink includes a Tempered Glass Counter top and a Tempered Glass Drop In/Basin Style Sink while its exquisite Vanity Mirror has a dimension of 23 ¾” x 31 ½” and also comes with a Mounting Bracket. It also comes with a complete plumbing package, which includes a 7” Polished Chrome Single Stem Faucet, Polished Chrome Drain Assembly with P Trap and a Set of Flexible Supply Lines!

You will surely have a wonderful time pampering yourself and enjoying the elegance that the Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set brings! Purchase your own Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set and get an even greater saving with its Free Shipping Cost and Full Manufacturer’s Warranty! Call The Tub Connection at 877-795-5684 and order yours today!

“The Jasper” Vanity Review

The Jasper

The 28 inch Jasper  28 inch Single Basin Porcelain Sink and Wood Cabinet Vanity Set is the perfect choice to enhance the luxury and elegance of a smaller bathroom space with a modern design. The Jasper is an excellent compliment to your bathroom with its exquisite structure, elegant design and great functionality. Fall in love with the Jasper’s wonderful features, which include Wood Vanity Cabinet, Porcelain Sink, Polished Chrome Faucet, Supply Lines and Drains! Its exquisite Bathroom Vanity Cabinet comes with a dimension of 27 ½” width x 19 1/3” depth x 40 ¼” total height while its gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Mirror comes with a dimension of 23 ½” x 31 ½”.

The Jasper is made with quality modern materials that guarantee superior durability and great strength for decades of long use. You will also appreciate the Jasper’s efficient functionality that lets you pamper yourself with convenience and accessibility. This vanity set comes with a very affordable price! Reinventing your powder room to make it very luxurious and elegant won’t cost you lots of money with the very stunning Jasper Bathroom Vanity Set.

Give you bathroom a new statement of sophistication and utmost beauty with the Jasper Modern Single Basin Porcelain Sink and Wood Cabinet Vanity Set. Experience its great functionality and superior quality for a very low price! Purchase your very own Jasper Bathroom Vanity Set and get a full manufacturers warranty and free shipping cost! Call The Tub Connection today at 877-795-5684 and buy the Jasper today!

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The Princess Acrylic Clawfoot bathtub package

Looking for an exceptionally comfortable, gorgeous and elegant bathtub that won’t cost you too much?  Then the Princess 61 inch Slipper Style Clawfoot Tub is just right for you. The Princess does not only offer you comfort, beauty and affordability but it also gives you complete high-quality plumbing package and customization based on your own selection.

It comes with a complete vintage Deck Mount Goose neck Faucet with Hand Held Shower Sprayer (Model# SH684) and with superior deck mount water supply lines complete with in line shutoff valves and floor escutcheons (Model# SH341D). Classic chain and plug style waste/overflow (Model# SH1500WSB) is also included in the package to make your bathing more convenient.

This complete plumbing package is just what you need to start your luxurious and relaxing bath time with the Princess Slipper Style Clawfoot Tub. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a personal touch on your bathtub and designing it with your own selection. That’s why you get to choose the ideal finish for your ball and claw feet . Your options include Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, White, Matte Black, Glossy Black, Brushed Nickel or Antique Bronze. You can still customize your Princess Slipper Style Clawfoot Tub with the plumbing package that enables you to choose your preferred finish whether it is Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Antique Bronze or Oil Rubbed Bronze. This exquisite Princess Slipper Style Clawfoot Tub will surely make a splendid centerpiece in your bathroom, plus it offers you a very luxurious and relaxing bathing time.

The Princess truly offers you a great deal in bringing cutting edge design that will enhance the look and ambiance of your bathroom without the worries of costing too much. The luxury and elegance it gives is worth every dollar you spend. The Princess also offers you free shipping and full manufacturer’s warranty that will guarantee you more savings and top quality product!  Call The Tub Connection!

The Knight Clawfoot Bathtub Package

The Knight Clawfoot BathtubAre looking for an  30 x 55  Rolled Rim Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub with complete top quality plumbing package, then The Tub Connection is just the right place for you. The Knight has a pristine porcelain interior and classic rolled rim design that adds up to its very elegant look.

The Tub Connection offers total plumbing package you need to install your very own Knight Clawfoot Bathtub. Additionally, you can give your bathtub a personal look by choosing your preferred claw feet finish like Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, White, Matte Black, Glossy Black, Brushed Nickel or Antique Bronze.

The Knight’s great deal does not only stop there, its plumbing package also offers you the choice of Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Antique Bronze or Oil Rubbed Bronze. Plus, you can select from our unique finishes the design you want for your own ball and claw feet. You can also custom-paint the exterior of your Knight bathtub for the price of only $150! You will be very satisfied with the Knight Clawfoot Bathtub with all its customization options and gorgeous style that will give absolute elegance, luxury and comfort in your bathroom sanctuary.

The Classic Knight Rolled Rim Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub is certainly an exceptional deal with its free Black Feet, Brushed Nickel Feet or Antique Bronze Feet upgrade! You do not only have the most elegant and exquisite Clawfoot bathtub, but you also have the greatest saving offered to you only by the Classic Knight Bathtub. Order your Knight Clawfoot Bathtub and we will deliver it to you with no shipping fee and be guaranteed with top quality products with our full manufacturers warranty! Call The Tub Connection now at to order the Knight Rolled Rim Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub!

70″ “Woodland” Acrylic Double Ended Bathtub Critique

Finding the perfect tub for you home is easy when you visit The Tub Connection. They have a huge selection of clawfoot and pedestal tubs that are available in either cast iron or acrylic, depending on your preference.

The modern “Woodland” Acrylic 70″ Dual Ended Pedestal Bathtub is one of the new acrylic bathtubs that mixes the old with the new. The tub itself has a vintage appearance but is made of pristine white acrylic and it has lost its clawfeet and sits on a curved mahogany pedestal with wooden ball feet. It is simple yet beautiful and adds to the ambiance of your private room.

“Woodland” is a deep, dual ended tub that can provide full -body relaxation and is guaranteed to provide 100% of stress free rejuvenation. All you have to do is to decide you are ready for a spa-like atmosphere in your home and it can be yours!

The Tub Connection provides luxury at an affordable price so our durable, long-lasting, elegant tubs can be found in many homes throughout the world. As an international company, shipping technique is an important component to getting our lovely products to their owners in mint condtion.

Furthermore, it is a sturdy light weight construction with 30 x 70 white interior and the exterior can be painted to compiment any décor for an additional $150.

This “Woodland” Acrylic bathtub has a curved wooden pedestal with a mahogany finish and available with your choice of faucet drillings. Much more, the “Woodland” has a capacity of 56 gallons and 100 lbs when it is empty and weighing 548 pounds when filled with water.

Rest assured, you will find this to be an elegant dual ended, deep tub that can soak away your stress, fatigue and body pains aches.

Purchase one of our quality bathtubs now and you may experience the wonders that a clawfoot tub can offer. You won’t be sorry! Love yourself and enjoy bathing, take your leisure time by dipping into a Woodland Acrylic Pedestal Bathtub and it will help you rejuvenate your delicate skin.

To know more about the “Woodland” just Call Toll Free at 877-795-5684, we always offer Free Shipping at The Tub Connection!

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What is the number one thing that you will take into consideration when building a home for your family? If I were to answer this question, I would say, “I want my house to be beautiful and comfortable to live in, but above anything else, I want it to be safe for my family especially for my kids.” I’m pretty sure no one would disagree with me on that. At least, no responsible parent would. However, when we say “safe”, it is quite a broad topic. A lot of different things come into mind. Are the windows placed properly? Are the doors child-friendly? Are the furnishings dangerous to my kids? Is the toilet safe? What about the kitchen? What type of staircase should I install? These are just a few of the many things that play in your mind and sometimes bug you when planning your “ideal” house. Undeniably, handling household safety issues can be a contentious matter. There are times when you feel like you’ve already done so much but in the end, your efforts still come up short. It really is frustrating when you are trying to strike a balance between making your house the most beautiful house ever, and making it the safest place your kids could ever live in. What’s more frustrating is when you think of the fact that what you’re up against are not just the things that can be seen by the naked eye. What’s even more frustrating is you don’t know where they really are, so you don’t know where to start “fighting” them; and when you know where they are, you don’t know how to fight them.

Amidst all these frustrations, no one could blame you if you feel hopeless and you don’t know what to do. However, you should put in mind that these problems could have been avoided in the first place. How? It’s just simple. Choose and buy things that are made with materials that are not just child-friendly, but also environment-friendly. Environment-friendly things are definitely good for your child’s health. That’s guaranteed. Say for example, you are purchasing toilet hardware. To be more specific, you are purchasing a bathtub where your kids can wash themselves, feel like swimming, and play with their rubber duck. It would be ideal if you choose a bathtub that is made of copper. Bacteria will not grow on a copper surface because it is bio-static. Bio-static means that it inhibits the growth or multiplication of an organism, especially of a microorganism. Simply put, copper-made or copper-coated materials are antimicrobial and prevent the undesirable accumulation of harmful bacteria. Results of a research, that was conducted in 2008, indicate it was discovered that some 355 copper alloys were proven to kill more than 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria within just two hours when cleaned regularly. There it is. A copper bathtub combined with regular cleaning will result in a child-friendly bathing hardware.

See, that is just one of the many simple ways of how to make your household a safe place for your kids. Have I also mentioned that these copper bathtubs also come with extraordinarily beautiful designs? Now, your worries on mixing beauty with safety are lessened at the least.

For more information, call The Tub Connection toll free 877-795-5684.  Call Today!

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